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9 Problems Caused By The Massive Solar Storm

The Earth is feeling the effects of the most powerful solar storm in years.  There are concerns that massive flares from the sun over the next few days could disrupt communication systems, shutdown power grids, wreak havoc on GPS devices, ruin beepers and shutdown MySpace and Classmates.com.  However, there are several other side effects you may notice as these solar flares intensify:

9.If you purchase a bag of Sun Chips with a ‘Sell by’ date of March 2012, chances are when you open the bag you’ll find they’re burnt to a crisp.

8.If your home is running off of solar power and someone walks in front of your microwave, they’ll disappear.

7.Diet Dr. Pepper will taste NOTHING like the original

6.If you try to use a compass, it will blow up in your face

5.If you’re operating an old-timey rotary phone, it will take 25 minutes for you to dial 0

4.If you make a wrong turn, the GPS lady will tear you a new one

3.The elastic in your socks and underwear will fail

2.If you tweet the word ‘tweet’ your keyboard will catch on fire

1.If you order a birthday cake online from Costco, the font of your frosting message will default to Wing Dings

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