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A Few Things You May Need To Know Before Seeing “The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe”.

The following is an interview that I originally recorded in early 2006.  It features an interview with Keith Wardrobe, the star of the hit film “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”, or something like that. Jason:  So tell me what it was like playing the title roll in one of 2005’s top grossing movies? … Continue reading

The AOAP Weekend Newspaper (assembled with help from our intern)

We had a great idea recently at the Army of Awesome People.  Why not launch a weekend newspaper, where we can present what we feel are the top news headlines as we head into the weekend?  None of us were up to it, so instead we picked out a few links and asked our intern (name pending) … Continue reading

One Paragraph Essay: Corn as fuel? A warning to ALL consumers (except babies)

Scientists say that cars in the near future will run off of corn, but I think the costs outweigh the benefits.  First of all, the corn clogs up your gas lines.  Second, when you go to get your car fixed, the repair guys only give you some of that corn back.  And finally, when you … Continue reading

Journal of classic jokes discovered

While recently perusing a garage sale searching for antique sieves, we came across a journal of significant importance. This journal contains hundreds, if not thousands, of jokes. What makes this so special and rare of a find is that these are all jokes in progress created by the original author of jokes, that today, we … Continue reading

Sometimes When You Lose, You Win…….And You Also Lose Though, Remember?

When it comes to pain, I understand that I must bare it.  But how can I be expected to grin through it?  All I can seem to manage is some awkward looking grimace.  And besides, this really hurts. It all started around two, two-thirty today.  I was doing some general repairs on my robot when … Continue reading

DIARIES OF A WANDERER (subtitle: Thoughts On A New Day)

I put in another nine-hour day at my job at the station. Many stories I wrote this morning piqued my interest. One of them was a story about a Phoenix man “devastated” after the Arizona Humane Society euthanized his cat. He took “Scruffy” the cat, recently renamed “Stiffy,” to the society for treatment of a … Continue reading

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