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Finally, A Nice Sit-down Dinner With The Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime

(This interview was originally recorded during the summer of 2006)

I recently had a chance to speak with the Autobot leader Optimus Prime about the upcoming movie “Transformers”

Jason:  So what is really going on with the “Transformers”?  Are they really more than meets the eye?

Optimus Prime:  Well take a look for yourself…….well?………What do you think?

J:  Yes, that is impressive.  Now could you please put some pants on?

OP:  No.

J:  So what is the movie about?

OP:  Well, those of you who were fans of the original series will be pleasantly surprised.  The new movie will be a musical.

J:  I am surprised, but not pleasantly so.

OP:  Just think of it!  All singing, all dancing giant robots!

J:  It all sounds a little terrifying.  So how will the Transformers “transform”, if you will?  Will there be a lot of CG effects?

OP:  Oh no, not in this movie.  Michael Bay thought it would appeal to a larger audience if there was no transforming at all.  He said that all the shape-shifting would only confuse people.  Plus, all of the costumes were made out of old appliance cardboard boxes.

J:  So the movie really shouldn’t be called “Transformers” then.  It should just be called “Formers”, right?

OP:  That’s correct.

J:  …..

OP:  …..

J:  Yeah, thanks for wasting my time.

OP:  No wait!  All of your old favorite characters will be in the movie.  Sideswipe, Starscream, Herbie!

J:  I think Herbie was in a different show.

OP:  No, wait!  Not Herbie.  I meant Benji.

J:  Well I think that will about do it.  Thank you for your time, Mr. Prime.  I’ll be home watching the original series on Beta.

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