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Making Short Docs A Contemporary Look Into The Warzone Of Ultramodern Writing For Short Film Documentary Films With The Intention For Public And National Release Worldwide Part 3

Alright, so after watching Parts 1 & 2 of this short film documentary, you are probably beginning to doubt what I said about it revolutionizing the short film documentary industry. But I promise that after you watch Part 3, by clicking the link below, you will be just as confused if not more than you were before. Especially if you did not watch Parts 1 & 2. However, IF you go back and watch Parts 1 & 2 followed IMMEDIATELY by Part 3 and then wait for Part 4 which concludes this film, you will see exactly how revolutionary this film really is to the industry. Or, you could just watch Part 3 now, by clicking on the link below, followed by Part 1 then Part 2 as if Part 3 were a prequel. Either way, please enjoy the show. (* Certain restrictions apply. See disclaimer below.)

* This is a multiple lesson course which contains adult language not suitable for small or medium sized children. Even parents of large children should think long and hard about whether or not to let them watch this educational film. Extra large children should be O.K. if supervised by a small to medium sized adult. Adults of any size are encouraged to watch this educational film. They are also encouraged however, not to laugh about how funny it is in front of people who are not the right size to watch.

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Todd Daggett is a fool. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a fool as well. That or they are really smart but a very good liar. Either way you should probably take some time to get to know them to be sure and then punch them in the throat for calling Todd Daggett a fool. Nobody does that and gets away with it.

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