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Making Short Docs A Contemporary Look Into The War-zone Of Ultramodern Writing For Short Film Documentary Films With The Intention For Public And National Release Worldwide (The End))

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for. The exciting conclusion of Making Short Docs! The final piece of the puzzle. The key to unlocking the secrets of making a short film documentary masterpiece! If you don’t see the short film documentary in a whole new light after watching the fourth and final … Continue reading

Finally, A Nice Sit-down Dinner With The Autobot Leader, Optimus Prime

(This interview was originally recorded during the summer of 2006) I recently had a chance to speak with the Autobot leader Optimus Prime about the upcoming movie “Transformers” Jason:  So what is really going on with the “Transformers”?  Are they really more than meets the eye? Optimus Prime:  Well take a look for yourself…….well?………What do … Continue reading

BLAST from the past

Recently, while taking a journey down memory lane – it’s a lovely road by the way if you ever want to take the scenic route – I was reminded of a visit I made to the photo department back in the 1990s. It was a time full of 35mm film that you could purchase for … Continue reading

Support SOPA: Send Justin Beiber To Jail Where He Belongs

When I first heard about the online protests against PIPA, the effort had my full support.  Pipa is not as attractive as Great Britain would have you believe and I was encouraged that companies like Google,Wikipedia and WordPress would go to such lengths, blocking out their own logos even, to bring this issue to the forefront. … Continue reading

Outgunned, outmanned, cornered & I have to poop

Well this was a tight spot.  I’d been hunkered down behind that old wagon for almost an hour.  Every once in a while a bullet would slice through the air an inch or two from my face.  I knew to conserve my ammo.  Years of experience. I’ve been in this position many times in my … Continue reading

Making Short Docs A Contemporary Look Into The Warzone Of Ultramodern Writing For Short Film Documentary Films With The Intention For Public And National Release Worldwide Part 3

Alright, so after watching Parts 1 & 2 of this short film documentary, you are probably beginning to doubt what I said about it revolutionizing the short film documentary industry. But I promise that after you watch Part 3, by clicking the link below, you will be just as confused if not more than you … Continue reading

The AOAP Weekend Newspaper: January 14th edition (assembled by the intern)

A couple of weeks ago, we came up with a brilliant idea: why not assemble a sort of weekend newspaper, an outlet where we could share with you crucial headlines as we head into the weekend.  As stated in our last edition, none of us were up to it, so we simply chose some links … Continue reading


Police in San Francisco are still trying to figure out who swiped a zoo favorite from the San Francisco Zoo last week (see the NPR report). “Banana Sam,” a squirrel monkey, was returned by a bystander who says he found the simian about a mile from the zoo. He (the animal, not the bystander) was … Continue reading

Love Note from the Obsessed

We love to unearth amazing discoveries with historical significance to share with our loyal readers from the formation of classic jokes to the true meaning behind actions such as pulling someone’s finger. Well today’s post continues our run of Army of Awesome People found historical items, which is a love letter from 1702. This note … Continue reading

Are you a bad judge? Take our quiz

If you’re like most people, you’ve served as a judge at some point in your life.  I don’t mean, of course, that you’ve served as chief decision-maker in a given situation, I’m saying that you’ve served on the bench as a judge in a criminal and/or civil court.  Of course the big question is, who … Continue reading

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