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The Truest Ghost Story You Will Ever Read, I Think

I want to tell you about the night Tommy, Joey and I stayed at the haunted house on top of the hill.  The memory of it still haunts me to this day. It all started around 5 pm on a Tuesday in the fall of ’73.  Tommy and I went over to Joey’s house to pick … Continue reading

Making Short Docs A Contemporary Look Into The Warzone Of Ultramodern Writing For Short Film Documentary Films With The Intention For Public And National Release Worldwide (Part Two)

Last time on Making Short Docs, we learned that Jeff trains house cats and is looking for help making a documentary. We also learned the person he asked to help him, Tommy, makes short film documentaries using very nontraditional methods to say the least. Now I know that last time, I promised that you would … Continue reading

10 things you can’t afford to be WITHOUT at a gunfight

Last week we showed you the 10 other things you should never bring with you to a gunfight.   Unfortunately, many of you went to gunfights underprepared, and most of you were killed.  We felt it our responsibility to post the 10 things you can’t afford to be without at a gunfight. 10. CANNED YAMS – Ever … Continue reading

Breaking discovery expels true meaning behind pulling someone’s finger

When asked to, “pull my finger”, one would certainly hesitate knowing the undoubtedly unpleasant outcome. However, new findings link this common question to the disappearance of the Aztec civilization. The Army of Awesome People archaeology team is raising a stink with their history changing discovery. Whilst visiting the Sistine Chapel key information was identified in … Continue reading

The 11 worst urban legends of 2011

As 2011 draws to a close, most of us will spend time reflecting on what we’ve learned as we head into the new year.  Unfortunately, most of what you’ve learned probably isn’t true.  2011 has been a terrible year in terms of urban legends.  We in the Army of Awesome People sent our science team out to compile the worst myths … Continue reading

Next week on Army of Awesome People…

College football.  It’s played by students, so shouldn’t the referees also be students? Find out how the NCAA feels about repeatedly being emailed about that. Plus, is your Christmas Tree trying to tell you something? And, we check in with Herman Cain and find out how his campaign for president is going. Plus, the 84 … Continue reading

The New Godfather

The Don is approached with a new request. But not without a demand of his own. The New Godfather from Brian Croitori on Vimeo.

Am I Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

I recently made an appearance on the hit show ‘Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?’ This turned out  to be a grave mistake. Not only did they out-smart me academically, they also laughed hysterically as I was dismissed off the stage. Demoralized and defeated, I made the decision to get even with the fifth graders. … Continue reading

Making Short Docs A Contemporary Look Into The War Zone Of Ultramodern Writing For Short Documentary Films With The Intention For Public And National Release Worldwide “Part 1”

The short film documentary industry has been revolutionized by this short film documentary about how to make short film documentaries! Never before has it been so easy to learn the secrets of making a short film documentary! Just click on the following link for part one of the series and let the learning begin!* Making … Continue reading

Next week on Army of Awesome People…..

Is your dishwasher trying to tell you something? And are you trying to tell your dishwasher something? Plus, we sit down with Kim Kardashian to find out how her marriage to Kris Humphries is going. And why hasn’t Charlie Sheen been on Two and a Half Men this season? We catch up with the producers and … Continue reading

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