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Making Short Docs A Contemporary Look Into The Warzone Of Ultramodern Writing For Short Film Documentary Films With The Intention For Public And National Release Worldwide (Part Two)

Last time on Making Short Docs, we learned that Jeff trains house cats and is looking for help making a documentary. We also learned the person he asked to help him, Tommy, makes short film documentaries using very nontraditional methods to say the least.

Now I know that last time, I promised that you would unlock the secrets of making short film documentaries if you watched this movie and you may not have unlocked anything watching part one but I promise you that in part two your eyes will be opened to an unbelievable treasure trove of unconventional short film documentary making know-how that will, as I promised, “revolutionize” the short film documentary making world!

* This is a multiple lesson course which contains adult language, may take years to complete and should be taken at your own risk. Side effects may include; Gout, psoriasis, sniffles, moderate diarrhea, vomit in your mouth burps or “verps”, pregnancy again, loss of feeling in your scalp, giggles, tone deafness, puddles?, crabs, the need to avoid cuddling, uncontrollable feelings of extreme normalcy followed by fits of mediocrity ending in a period of extreme laughter lasting 4 days. (If laughter lasts for more than 4 days please contact your lamest friend.)
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