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10 things you can’t afford to be WITHOUT at a gunfight

Last week we showed you the 10 other things you should never bring with you to a gunfight.   Unfortunately, many of you went to gunfights underprepared, and most of you were killed.  We felt it our responsibility to post the 10 things you can’t afford to be without at a gunfight.

10. CANNED YAMS – Ever eat one? Those damn things fly out of there faster than a speeding bullet.
9. SNACKS – Well, you never know how long these things may last.
7. A SLOW-MOVING WINNEBAGO – This will buy you plenty of time to reload.
6. JELL-O – What, Gooley can say it but I can’t?
5. CELL PHONE – No one’s gonna believe you actually brought canned yams to a gunfight.
4. LOUIE ANDERSON – At this point, what could it hurt?
3. DOUBLE COUPONS – Good distractor
2. CELLO (Not Jell-O again!) – Music soothes the savage beast.
1. GPS – You’re not getting out of this one by yourself.

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