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One Paragraph Essay: Corn as fuel? A warning to ALL consumers (except babies)

Scientists say that cars in the near future will run off of corn, but I think the costs outweigh the benefits.  First of all, the corn clogs up your gas lines.  Second, when you go to get your car fixed, the repair guys only give you some of that corn back.  And finally, when you decide on your own to deduct the price of that corn from your repair bill, the car place sends a collection agency after you. Indeed, the United States must find green technologies that are both environmentally and economically efficient.

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About Tim Kochenderfer

Tim Kochenderfer is a published and internationally produced playwright and humor writer, as well as a ten time Emmy award winning TV producer. His 22 plays have been performed in every state and in almost 20 countries. For more of his work: http://www.playscripts.com/author.php3?authorid=82 http://www.brookpub.com/default.aspx?pg=ab&afn=Tim&aln=Kochenderfer http://www.cracked.com/members/tim-kochenderfer_contributor Contact: timkochenderfer@yahoo.com


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